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Your Pre-Wedding Meal Plan as told by Health and Nutrition Coach, Alissa Higgins

You are what you eat. Between putting together your emergency kit, practicing your vows and running from your manicure appointment to the hotel, the last thing on your mind will be what am I going to eat. But seriously, do not forget to plan for a healthy day! From bloating to skin glow all the way to your energy level, what you eat the day (or a few days before) your wedding can have a lasting affect ! Make sure you are being mindful and cognitive of what foods you choose to nourish your body with!  The last thing you are going to want to on your special day is a breakout, feel lethargic and bloated!

Full disclosure, I believe this is important every day, not just the day before you say I do.

Before your mind starts racing, just breathe! I have done the heavy lifting for you! I consulted my dear friend and incredible Nutrition and Health Coach, Alissa Higgins, to design the Ideal-Day-of-The-Wedding- Meal-Plan and here is what she suggests:


Breakfast of beauty: 2 Eggs, Veggies, Whole Grain Toast. Snack: Apple & Almonds (200 calorie pack)

Lunch: Chicken or Tofu Salad. Add lots of veggies, and make this delicious!

Snack: Veggies & Hummus (Carrots, Celery, Peppers, Cucumbers)

Dinner: Salmon & Veggies Snack: Rice Cakes


A few tips for wedding week! 

  1. Try to avoid adding salt to foods or consuming high sodium foods the week before your wedding. Salt helps you retain water, which doesn’t help when going for the flat tummy!
  2. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. Hydrating will keep your body working at it’s best and keep you feeling your best!
  3.  Don’t skip meals. The final week before your wedding can be stressful.
  4. My absolute BEST advice to you is DON’T skip your meals. You want to be feeling your best on the big day not run day and out of energy!

And there you have it ladies! Your Ideal-Day-of-The-Wedding- Meal-Plan by the owner and creator of Fit4Mom Philadelphia! 

Want more helpful Nutrition and Health tips?! Great! Contact Alissa here! Trust me, you will not regret it! I have never felt more energized and healthier!

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