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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 19: How to buy Your Perfect Wedding Shoe

Hello my beautiful bride!

I have a serious question for you… How is your wedding shoe shopping going? Do you find a new pair of shoes that you absolutely love every three weeks? Are you going back in forth between a subtle, strappy nude, the classic, fun pump or that pair of Mexican embroidered wedges that you have been obsessing over since before you got engaged?! Do you change your mind five times a day? Have about 100 pinned photos and still can’t decide what will go best with your dress?

Trust me on this when I say, I understand completely! I personally love shoes. All shoes. I don’t discriminate. There hasn’t been a shoe I have seen and not loved. So, I get it, how do you decide?

Shoe shopping for your wedding can be insanely overwhelming, that is why, I have created a list of my YP Sharp shoe shopping rules to live by!

  1. Research right away! Do not wait!

    So this is what you should do… even before you go wedding dress shopping, even before you pick out the flowers, jewelry and your something blue, create your Wedding Shoe Pinterest Inspiration Board. Look to see what is out there. Find the shoes and styles that speak to you the most and THEN go shopping for your dress. With all your favorite options pinned, it will be a heck of a lot easier to make a shoe-dress combo that is your match made in heaven!

  2. Keep it Consistent

    Don’t get too adventurous for your big day!  I know sometimes are imaginations can run wild, especially when it comes toyour wedding plans, but keep your shoe choice consistent with who you are and what you are comfortable with on a normal bases. If you are a normally a 5-inch stiletto kinda gal, go for it. If you are never caught in anything besides sneakers or sandals, keep it simple and find a pair of gorgeous flats that will keep you moving and dancing all night long!

  3. Your venue matters

    Always ensure that your shoe choice works well with the venue. Is your ceremony in a garden? on a beach? On a cobblestone pathway? Indoors? Outdoors? Is your reception taking place in the dead of winter or under the blazing sun? Keeping the place and time of year in mind will make you that much happier on your big day.

  4. Wear them in

    Seriously though, your feet will thank you!

  5. Make sure they make you feel like the princess that you are.

    It is your wedding day for crying out loud! You should feel like the beautiful, special princess that you are! Even though your wedding dress will probably hang all the way to the floor and therefore, hide your feet, your shoes will still be seen. Between the dancing, walking and the bustling your shoes will definitely grab your guests attention. So don’t just settle for a boring pair that you are fine with… make sure they make you feel like the incredible person that you are all day long!

  6. The Sky is your Limit!

    This one is my favorite! Who says you need just one pair of wedding shoes!? For all those shoe lovers out there, I feel you. Choosing just one is like choosing just one chocolate out of the assortment box! How can you choose!  If you find two shoes that you absolutely adore, bring them both! One for the ceremony and one for the reception. It will make you that much happier : )

And there you have it ladies! Now go on, get on Pinterest, get inspired and find yourself the perfect style for your wedding!



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