Hi! Welcome to the YP Family!

Where wedding details are cherished, family and friends are admired and love is what really matters.

Photographer, Aunt of ten of the best little humans, lover of fruit, fitness and warm, fuzzy socks! 

I am so glad you are here!  I would love to get in touch and help you plan your big day!


I'm Yael

- Almond butter lover

- Jewish and proud

- Five foot zero

- Aunt of 10 crazy, but amazing kids

-Car radio singer

- Always cold and in need of socks

- Maryland terp obsessed

- Cardio Junky

- Fruit is literally my fav

- Dancing machine

I'm Yael

I'm the girl behind the camera

I absolutely love what I do. I actually sincerely think I love everything about it. I love how photography makes me slow down and see life through an entirely new perspective. I love the way a photo can really capture a feeling and hold on to it for the rest of time. I love the stories a camera can tell and all the love that a camera sees. I love spending my time capturing the beginning of new chapters, the bond between family and the excitement of a new marriage.