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Yael’s Tip of the Week Vol. 20: Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Stress Free

Bridesmaids, they are like sisters (or are sisters). Your bridesmaids mean the world to you. I mean, let’s be real, you asked them to be your bridesmaid for a reason! You want your girls to be as happy as possible but you cannot get Katherine Heigl from “27 Dresses” out of your head!

The idea of finding dresses and a color that works for everyone is a little overwhelming… “What if they can’t agree on a style? What if they don’t feel comfortable in their dress?! “First off, I just want to say, you are a sweetheart for being so concerned about your ladies! Secondly, don’t you fret! With the right attitude, time and communication all your bridesmaids will be excited to put on their dress!

  1. Talk about the budget!

    I know, I know, talking about finances is never easy, but trust me on this one. Your bridesmaids will feel a lot better knowing that you are being mindful of how much time, effort and money they are investing in your wedding day. Being a bridesmaid is such an honor, and they are SO excited to be a part of your big day, but let’s face it, it can get expensive. So talk to your bridesmaids, remember they are like family. They will appreciate it more than you know!

  2. Pinterest and Instagram are your best friends!

    I am a huge fan of research! Knowledge is power! Know what you are getting you and your bridesmaids into before you walk into the bridal shop! Make yourself an excellent source for your ladies. Have opinions, come up with ideas and offer advice as you and your girls are sifting through all the lace and chiffon!

  3. Don’t forget about YOUR dress!

    This one seems like an easy one, but I just had to put this one out there. Sometimes, we can get caught up in the excitement of shopping with our girls and forget that your wedding dress is important and must be considered! So before your girls say yes to their dress, ask yourself this “does this compliment my wedding dress?”

  4. Bridesmaid Dresses are not on Amazon Prime!

    I know, in our instantaneous world, we forget that sometimes, we are actually going to have to wait! Bridesmaid dress shopping should be done 7 – 8 months out! I know what you are thinking… you can’t be serious? Most dresses are actually made-to-order and have a shipment time of 12 -16 weeks. Think about all the necessary steps that have to be taken between finding the dresses and actually putting them on. You have to make sure you have the correct measurements, correct order, have the dress actually made, pick it up (or wait for it to be delivered), make alterations and then finally have it all ready and perfect for the big day!

  5. SALES

    Yes you read that correctly! Bridesmaid dresses do go on sale and more often than you think! There are always sales on the major annual shopping days like Black Friday, Memorial day and Labor Day… but there are also sales through out the year. Get on email lists, check websites every so often and keep your eyes pealed for the Magic word “SALE.” Your bridesmaids will be SO appreciative!

Ok, so now that you have some tips, GO have a great time! Sip the bubbly, get lost in all the amazing texture! Shopping with your best friends is supposed to be fun!  Let the stress melt away and enjoy this bonding experience with your girls!


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