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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 17

There is a lot to do for your wedding day, so many big decisions and small details. It can get super overwhelming. You are going to want to procrastinate. I hear a lot of couples say things like “I’ll just get this done the week before the wedding” or “this can be put off for a few months.”

Get that to- do list done early: The small details that seem easy now, will not be so stress-free a few weeks before your wedding day. You don’t want to be using a glue-gun at 2am four days before your big day in an attempt to finish your centerpieces. You don’t want to be praying that Amazon Prime will arrive on time before your wedding because you JUST ordered your bridesmaids gifts. And you definitely don’t want to be running around trying to put together your Wedding Welcome Bag for all of your out of town guests.

What you will want to do the week before your wedding is relax. You will want to have time to enjoy your mani-pedi appointment. You will want to take a breath as you go and get your engagement ring cleaned and shined.  And you are going to want to spend some quality time with your beloved grandma who is in from out of town.

In other words, get that to-do list done early! Make sure you don’t just run around like a chicken without it’s head the last week of your single life. Make sure all the small details that can wait until the last minute, don’t actually wait until the last minute. Let’s be honest, of course some small things will pop up, but it will all be ok, because you got the rest of your to-do list done already!

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