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Small Business Need Us: #rescheduledontcancel

” You are my patient zero” the doctor told Robert as the nurse handed us two face masks. ” I was shocked. “You are officially quarantined.” I really thought they were going to just tell him it was allergies. I gave Robert a OMG! Is this really happening look as I slipped on my mask. We got into our cars and drove home.

Thank God, Robert’s test came back negative, but six weeks later, here we are, still quarantined. The shock wore off but the craziness of the situation hasn’t.

Robert and I have been lucky thus far. We were both too young to really feel the hit of the 2008 recession and we both started our careers during a decent economic time. But now, now the entire country is quarantined.

Now, the small businesses and the local cafes we all love are struggling. Now the mom and pop shops, the family jewelers and the farmers markets are all fighting to stay alive. They are hurting and there isn’t a whole lot they can do about it.

But there is something we can do. We, as their loyal customers, we as their fellow neighbors, we as the ones they live to serve, can help. We can help!

We can buy gift cards, pre-pay for future services and postpone events instead of canceling them all together. We can act now, to save small businesses, to save our neighbors and to save our communities!

As a small business owner myself, I can tell you, that your support and your love means the world to us and right now, we need our communities more than ever.

#RescheduleDontCancel is a rallying cry to stand behind small businesses that bring so much to all of our lives. This nationwide effort will raise awareness for the challenges that small business owners are facing and empower consumers with ways to support them!

Visit RescheduleDontCancel.com to join the movement.

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