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Rittenhouse Square, Engagement Session: Lilly & Juan

There are not many things in this world that can make me happier than photographing a wedding (besides my family, friends and my Robert). So on Saturday, when I checked my phone after the bride and groom portraits and right before the wedding ceremony began, I didn’t think I could get much happier, but then I received this text message… “This is Juan, and I got engaged today!”

OH MY GOD was all I could say as I quickly typed a response and went back to capturing the wedding even happier than before.

About a year ago, I met Juan. He was looking to get back into the dating game and wanted to update his online dating profiles with some new, professional portraits. Of course, being the romantic sucker I am, I was more than happy to work with him!  As we walked around, we set him up in different poses and had a few different outfits to work with. Juan told me about his tight-knitt family, his career, what he is looking for in a wife etc… I really felt like I got to know him. We worked together to capture the essence of who he truly is and let me tell you, Juan is a great guy. He is personable, smart, sweet, accomplished, and I waked away from our session thinking whomever he ended up with was going to be one lucky woman.


A few months later, I was with one of my 2018 amazing YPcouples (shout out to Brittany & Greg) on the warmest January day when we ran into Juan right in front of his apartment building. He was with a beautiful woman and I could already tell that there was a spark between them. I didn’t want to interrupt what looked like one hell of a date, so I said my quick hello, gave him a huge smile and went on my way with Brittany and Greg.

“I took his dating profile photos!” I explained as we crossed the street into the square. I couldn’t help but think I hope the photos helped!

“The photos you took peaked her interest” Juan told me as we waited for Lilly in the lobby of their apartment building. All I could do was smile. They were so happy, so in love and so perfect for one another… I felt honored to have had a small part in helping them find each other. Lilly is just as incredible as Juan. An elementary school teacher with a heart of gold, a loving personality and a smile that could light up any room. She is even better than the woman I envisioned all those months ago at my first session with Juan. And as I saw them together, it was obvious that Juan had never been happier.

We spent the chilly Autumn morning walking around Rittenhouse Square. Although the park was bustling with people. It felt like we were the only three there. Lilly and Juan’s love was evident in every touch, every word and every smile and I know that they will have a strong, powerful and loving marriage.

Lilly, Juan, I cannot even begin to express how much it meant to me to capture this chapter of your love story. Cheers to many, many more chapters and many, many more incredible, heart-felt  moments.





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