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My Niece might have the Photography Bug

“Aunt Yael, is your job hard?” Shira, my nine year old niece asked me as we sat behind my computer looking through some of the amazing weddings I photographed this year so far.

Shira, Eliora and Ayelet were all inspecting the galleries as if it was the most important thing they have ever done. My nieces absolutely love weddings. They love seeing the different dresses and discussing the different colors. They love pointing out the veils they like or what they don’t like. They love asking about the flower girls and ring bearers.

All my nieces want is to be flower girls. Wear the fancy dresses, sprinkle the flowers down the aisle and see their aunt tie the knot.

As I sat there watching their little faces light up, I turned to Shira, “You mean is photography hard?”

“Yes!” She confirmed as she looked up at me and away from the computer for a response.

“Well,” I began as I unconsciously started playing with Shira’s long, dirty blonde hair “I love what I do and I love my clients, but sometimes, the photo editing gets a little overwhelming.” She continued to stare at me.

“And always trying to find new clients can sometimes be challenging. I guess dealing with taxes isn’t always fun, but I do love what I do so it is all worth it!”

“OH! That doesn’t sound too hard” She said as she turned her attention back to Lauren and Mike’s wedding gallery.

I smiled. “Oh ya? Not too bad huh?”

“Maybe when I grow up, I’ll become a photographer. It looks so easy and so fun!” I let out a big laugh. Sometimes I wish I still had the decision making skills of a nine year old.

“Well it is fun!” I said matter of factly.

The youngest of the three, Ayelet, climbed on to my lap so she could reach the up and down buttons on the computer. My heart was full of so much love and pride. Here I was, surrounded by some of my favorite little people and they were actually interested in what I do every day! Not only were they interested but Shira, might even have the photography bug herself! I could not be more excited to share it with her. I mean let’s be real, she probably moved on to a different dream career already, but, just for a second, she wanted to follow her aunts foot steps and I have never felt so lucky.

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