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Father of the Bride Wedding Planning To-do List

The father of the bride is usually the most underestimated and untapped resource on your wedding planning team. Trust me when I say, your dad wants to help, as much as he can! You are his little girl for crying out loud! Of course he wants to help!

What kind of tasks can you give your dear old dad?

Here are my top father of the bride duties he can do with 100% success!

The Logistics:

Need to find out how much a trolley or limo is but are dreading talking quotes on the phone? Give that job to Dad! Need someone to keep track of when the vendor checks have to go out? That’s on Dad. Need someone to break the tie of what color linens, just ask Dad! He will feel useful and you will be so thankful to have him on the job!

The At-home Stuff:

Wedding planning comes with a lot of small at home tasks that are, let’s face it, mundane, time consuming tasks that Dad can totally help with. Like what you may ask? Stamps, licking envelopes, folding programs, keeping track of the RSVP cards, organizing spreadsheets etc… Your dad will be the real MVP of the at home tasks that no one really looks forward to!

The Budget:

If Dad CAN help with the budget, he will do as much as he can…

The Delivery:

Dad is the perfect person to do the week before deliveries to the venue, hotels and ceremony location… From signage to place cards, all the way to bar decor and welcome baskets. Your dad will be more than willing to help drop everything off, keep out of your hair and do something productive!

The Giving his Daughter Away:

At the end of the day, the most important tasks that dad has to do for the wedding is prepare himself to walk his little girl down the aisle. This is the moment he has been waiting for since the day you were born, this is the moment he watches his baby make a family of her own. This is the moment that means more than anything to both of you!

Yael Pachino Photography LLC wants to thank all the amazing father of the bride’s that I have worked with in the past! You have been amazing in every way! Cheers to you Dad! We love you!

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