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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 41: The Four Best Wedding Website Platforms

If you don’t have a wedding website, are you really getting married?!

It’s 2019 my friends! This means we must go digital! Gone are the days were an invitation and a save-the-date is enough. Online, custom websites are here and they are here to stay!

There are so many website platforms out there it can get super overwhelming! I don’t know about all of you, but I feel like there is a new one every week! You should have seen me when I was researching website platforms for my own YPP website! Let’s just say, it wasn’t my finest moment : )

Now that I have researched, seen and visited countless of couples wedding websites, I am here to share the deets! Here are YPP’s Top 4 Favorite Wedding Website Platforms!

The Knot

If you ask me, The Knot Wedding website has it all! Completely free and user friendly! Is there anything else you could possibly want!?? Within minutes you can have your Wedding Website up, running and integrated with all of your favorite Knot wedding tools and The Knot App. Plus, you can also manage RSVP right through your Knot Website. I LOVE having everything in one place and The Knot’s Wedding websites are as close to everything in one as possible!

So what’s the downside?! The only L I’ve found with The Knot are the lack of guest RSVP customization, but let’s be real, if someone really wants to share their good wishes, they will reach out to you in a different way!

Wedding Wire

As always I am a huge fan of the WeddingWire! Although there is less integration with the WeddingWire, there is something so charming about keeping things just to the essentials. The WeddingWire websites are for the couples who like to keep things simple, easy and straight forward! No bells and whistles, no frills, just straight forward and to the point. The Wedding Wire websites are all about going back to the Basics. Free or you can purchase a custom domain for $12.99, plenty of options, themes and a handful of integrated planning tool options!

WeddingWire is a little less user-friendly than others and you can only edit your website via a computer, but besides that I give WeddingWire two thumbs up!


Who is almost as excited for their wedding registry as they are for their wedding party? I mean obviously nothing beats actually getting married to your best friend, but if putting together your registry with higher-end products gives you butterflies, Zola Wedding websites are the perfect option for you! Zola’s guest feature is one of the best! You can even make certain wedding events private and invite specific people from your guest lists via your Zola Website. How cool is that!? It is super user-friendly, free (custom domain for an additional $14.95), great set-up tips and tricks and has an awesome registry integration!

I know what your thinking, this sounds great! And it is, it really is, if you are a a trendy millennial who likes the finer things in life! Zola is all about higher end products, so if you are a couple who feels pure joy walking into Target, I may check out a different option!

Minted Weddings

Minted is FAB for the kinda couples who like consistency! If you want your wedding website to coordinate with your actual wedding invitations, Minted Weddings websites are for you! That’s right, you can get matching invitations right through Minted! When I saw this, I was in awe! It is a great choice for stylish, quality conscious brides and grooms who want to keep it consistent! I know what you’re thinking, consistency comes with a price… Right?! Good news! Minted Weddings has a free, yet limited, option or you can pay a one time fee of $20 for their premium website! If you ask me, it is totally worth the $20 upgrade!

The platform is super user friendly and easy to use! It is perfect for the couple who cares more about quality and consistency than integration and customization!

If I was you, I would keep in mind the fact that Minted Weddings Websites are not as customizable as one may hope and does not have RSVP features or photo album and privacy controls. Just some food for thought!

So, now that you have all the details, go create your own wedding website! I swear, it is easier than it sounds! Give your wedding the online presence that it deserves and don’t forget, enjoy every moment of being engaged!!

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