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Sarah & Al

One new message.

When I opened up LinkedIn to see who messaged me, I smiled immediately; it was Sarah. Sarah, was the first person to really give me a chance as a college intern. She was the first person who took interest in helping me refine my skills and make me a better, more attractive professional. She was the first person who made me feel like I was a true asset. As I read through her message my jaw dropped “wedding photography packages.”  I couldn’t believe it! It was a dream come true! Sarah was asking me to be her wedding photographer. Sarah, once again, made me feel like a true asset.

I remember it like it was yesterday, after our morning meeting, Sarah stopped by my tiny, intern desk and I could tell she was excited. “What’s going on?” I asked. Sarah smiled and started to tell me all about her first date with this guy named Al. She was trying to play it cool but it was obvious that is was way more than just a good first date, but this could be the real deal.

A few years later, I find myself driving down 95 to DC on my way to Sarah and Al’s engagement session. Spring had FINALLY sprung. The cherry blossom’s were peak bloom, the weather was starting to warm, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day! I was eager to see my dear friend Sarah after all these years and finally meet her fiance, Al, whom I have heard so much about.

When I arrived at their apartment, Al met me at the front and I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. He was just as wonderful, just as kind hearted and just as sweet as I knew he would be. I knew the man who was going to be Sarah’s partner in crime had to be incredible and Al definitely fell under that category.

As we walked around DC, there was one thing that really stuck out to me. Sarah and Al are just totally and completely in sync. It’s pretty incredible to witness. They get each other, they respect each other and they are aware of each others wants and desires. Watching them together was like watching a beautiful love story come to life right in front of me. I feel lucky to have been there in the beginning, and now, after all these years, I get to be a part of their engagement and their wedding! Their commitment to one another is an inspiration and I have loved every second of getting to know Al and getting to reconnect with Sarah again.


Sarah, Al, I cannot wait to be there on your big day!




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