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Nick & Amanda

The moment I spoke to Nick on the phone, I could tell he was smiling and genuinely thrilled to be talking about the love of his life, Amanda. He could not wait to propose to his girlfriend of 6 years. He could not wait to see her face as he got down on one knee and asked her to be his partner for life. He could not wait to call Amanda his fiance.

Nick is one of the sweetest, most detail oriented men I know. Even from our first conversation, I knew that he genuinely cares about people and just wants everyone to be happy. The way he described Amanda made my heart full. He loved her with every fiber of his being and they were going to have a happily ever after, I just know it!

A few weeks before the big day, I met up with Nick and one of his closest friends at Spruce Street Park so we can choose the best location for Nick to pop the question. As we walked, we talked about life, his family, Amanda’s family and his big plan!

Nick had everything figured out. He was going to take Amanda to this great restaurant right next to Spruce Street Park. After dinner, he would suggest a nice, little stroll and BAM! That is when the magic would happen…

At exactly 7:45pm, I watched as Nick and Amanda walked out of the restaurant, hand in hand, and towards me. I got into position, camera up and my finger ready to fire the shutter. That is when it hit me, Amanda seriously had no idea, I mean absolutely no idea that he was about to ask her one of the most important questions of his life. She was just minding her own business, walking with her boyfriend, admiring the beautiful night when all the sudden he stops and starts talking. She looks at him “OH MY GOD!” he gets down on one knee “OH MY GOD! NO WAY!” he pulls out the box “OH MY GOD! STOP!” Her expression was a beautiful combination of complete, total shock and intangible, unconditional love. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever seen.

Once the moment was over, I ran up to them, wished them a congratulations and had the chance to chat with Amanda. She was exactly how Nick described her. Sweet, beautiful, caring and totally lovable. As I captured a few more photos of them around Spruce Street, I had the chance to watch the love flow from one another and I cannot even express how lucky I feel to have witnessed this incredible moment.


Nick, Amanda, I wish you the best engagement and the happiest marriage. Love and laughter till 150 years old!


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