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Imani & Keon

You would think, by early April, it would be warm, the sun would be shining and the flowers would be blooming. Unfortunately, as we all know, this year mother nature had a different plan for us. But that did not stop Imani and Keon.

From the second I shook their hand to the minute I said goodbye, Imani and Keon had smiles on their faces and love in their eyes and I knew that they had something very special together. They were not going to let anything get in their way from these photos.

Imani, Keon and I met at the La Colombe in Fishtown. As soon as I walked into the cafe, my eyes went straight to them. They looked like the perfect match in their coordinated outfits. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was already excited for our session, but seeing how much thought and effort they put into this too, made me even more excited!

“So, I heard Imani’s perspective, but I want to hear yours… How did you propose?” I asked Keon as we were walking to our first location. Keon glanced over at his joyful fiance and then back to me. There was laughter in his eyes. “The best part about my proposal was that Imani was so nervous, she started fixing my bowtie as I was down on one knee!” Keon said with the biggest smile on his face. That my friends, sums up Imani all into one.

Imani is the epitome of good-hearted. She is the sweetest little thing. The way she talks about her life, her family and her fiance showcases her genuine goodness and I swear, being around her made me feel like a better person.

Keon, may be just as motivated as Imani is sweet. Don’t get me wrong, Keon is an extremely nice and amiable person as well, but the way he talks about their business and his excitement over property investment was infectious.

Together, they have created a beautiful life together and it is only the beginning. They may have just started their business, but I know with Imani’s kindness and Keon’s drive, they will flourish in every sense of the word both personally and professionally.

Imani, Keon, thank you for sharing your hearts, sharing your personalities and sharing this time with me! I feel so fortunate to be a part of your love story. I wish you 150 years of happiness together!

Cheers to you!


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