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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 47: The best month to buy your wedding dress

There is a month of the year in which the timing and designer selections are great for every bride-to-be and it’s the month of January. Yes, that’s right, January! Are you shocked? I know I was! To me, January has always been the month of New Years resolutions, tons of hot coffees and warm fuzzy socks. New clothes and especially a wedding dress has never been something I associated with the first month of the year. Yet, now that I know this, it totally makes sense and here is why.

New Collections

The start of the year is the perfect time for boutiques to restock their rails and put all the latest styles and trends on display!

BONUS: New arrivals = discontinued lines = sales = get them while they are still there!

Sample Sales!

Who doesn’t love a good sample sale?! What’s a sample sale you may ask? A sample sale is when bridal boutiques and designers sell the dresses brides try on in store. How great is that! All your favorite styles and all for discounted prices!

When you find a designer you absolutely adore, keep sample sales in mind! Many beloved and well-known designers tend to host two sample sales a year and the first one is usually in January (the second one is in the summer)! So put those Sample Sale dates in your calendar and set about a gazillion reminders!!

BONUS: Sample Sales can be chaotic and pretty overwhelming (check out the episode of friends: The one where Monica is looking for her wedding dress). I suggest doing some ‘normal shops’ with your besties before the big sample sale! This way, you will have the chance to try on different styles, silhouettes and materials and know exactly what you are looking for before you hit the chaos!

Just Engaged!

Ever wonder why you see sooo many more Facebook Engagement Announcements over the Holiday Season?! Well, over 100,000 proposals take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas! 100,000!!! How amazing is that!

With 100,000 newly engaged brides planning, researching and shopping for their dream wedding, it could only mean one thing… The wedding dress stores are busy with excited new brides! I mean, let’s be real, what better way to turn the cold month of January into a fun, exciting one!

Vintage and Second Hand Dresses

For the brides who are looking for a more vintage feel to their wedding dress, January is still the best month to shop! Why? Well, to put it simply, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME!”

January is one of the most popular times of years to clean out our closets, get rid of things we no longer wear and make room for our new, favorite outfits! This includes former brides and their wedding dresses! So get out your snow-boots ladies and let’s go shopping for your hidden treasure!

For all those brides out there who can’t wait until next January to buy their wedding dress, due to time constraints or maybe just because you are just bursting with giddiness, do not fret! There really is no bad month to go shopping for your wedding dress. No matter if you start in August or even March, you will find a wedding dress that looks amazing, makes you feel like a queen and will get your groom’s jaw dropping to the floor! Remember, you are beautiful in every way!

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