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How YPP Began Part I V

I had an ice bandage wrapped around my right hand. How did I let this happen? How did I burn myself the morning of my first day of photography school! I was sitting on the passenger side of my new roommates car. Amanda was so poised and so ready to take on the world and here I was, icing my right hand, praying that it wouldn’t blister over too much. It was just so typical Yael.

As Amanda started telling me about her kickball team, I looked out the window, taking in my surroundings. OMG. Where the heck am I? It finally hit me. I was living in New England. The part of the county where Dunkin Donuts was beloved and the Patriots were a way of life. I am actually here. I was in complete awe. It was the first time I had ever been to New England, well, besides the one time I went to Boston with my Jewish sleep away camp, but if you ask me, that doesn’t really count.

I couldn’t believe it. I mean, yes, I had been talking about moving to Western Mass for months. I knew I was doing it. I packed my bags, I said my goodbyes, I left the friends and the roommates that I adored and loved, but, I was ACTUALLY here. I was really doing it. Was I really doing this??

“And we are here!” Amanda said cheerfully. I guess I was doing this…

She made a right turn into the long parking lot of Hallmark Institute of Photography. I took a deep breath in. Am I going to make friends? We saw the welcome balloons as we drove closer to the front of the building. Am I crazy for doing this? We saw the staff smiling at us as they waved. Am I going to be any good? Amanda and I climbed out of the car, I looked down at my burnt hand. Took another deep breath in and headed towards the front door.

The second we passed through the doors, I felt an energy that I’ve never felt before. I felt an excitement that was so deep and so right that my throbbing hand was a thing of the past. I was a photography student now and nothing was going to hold me back.

“And what’s your name?” a bald fellow said as he looked right at me. He was clearly on staff and had a kindness to him that I admired instantly.

“I’m Yael.” and I reached out to shake his hand… with my non-blistering, non-burnt hand of course.

“I’m Tony. Welcome to Hallmark Institute of Photography!”

I felt my entire face smile. I was here. I was finally here and I was so unbelievably ready!

to be continued…

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