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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 40: How to Create the Perfect Wedding Registry

You are engaged, you are planning your future with your best friend and you want to fill your home with your own personal style. Now is your chance! You get to put together a wedding registry! You get to put together a list for all your closest friends and family who want to help you fill your home with all the things you want, the things you need and all the small details that compliment you, your lifestyle and your future family. Here are YPPs top 12 tips for creating the Perfect Wedding Registry!

Check your Inventory:

First thing’s first. Check to see what you both already have! Don’t get me wrong, I like new shiny things just as much as the next girl, but if you already have a blender that works like a charm, maybe skip the NINJA!

Start as soon as you get engaged:

If you ask me, no need to wait for gifts : )

Don’t register for more than you can store:

Sometimes, just like your stomach, your eyes are bigger than your storage… Make sure you have enough space!!

Not just for products but charities and experiences too:

Do you like your things? Are you looking around your kitchen wondering what you possibly can put on your registry but daydreaming about hiking in Europe? Well, guess what!? You can put your honeymoon on your registry! You can put charities and experiences, not just products! You can even have your guests give to The Knot Newleywed Fund!

Keep it Stylish and Homey:

Register for the things that will make your home feel like you not just the ones your Mom or Future Mother-in-Law suggest. Don’t get me wrong, they are a well of knowledge and tips, but you guys have your own style, your own sense of home, keep that in mind! If your style is more traditional, great! If you love being comfy and having warm tones all around, go for it! Register for the things you want around you after you had a long day at work or when you are binging your favorite Netflix show!

Look for Registry Perks:

Your guests and their wallets will thank you!

Two to Four Places:

Registering at one store isn’t enough, registering at ten is too many, giving your guests two to four options of places to shop will keep them happy and give you options!

Do it Together:

Turn registering into a date night! You are registering for gifts for your future together! Did you hear me? This is for your future! For your family! For you and your boo so make it fun! Go out on a date together, choose the China together, get his input on the fancy champagne flutes and definitely on the grill!

Get MORE plates:

The more plates you get, the better! Your house is going to be full of love, laughter and dinner parties! Don’t settle for just the average 8 plate set, get 12 or even more!

Register for Storage!

Storage!? I know what you are thinking, why am I registering for storage!? But, this one is important! You want to keep your new sterling silver ware from tarnishing and scratching right?! Register for a place to keep them, for example, a silver chest with slotted insets (or a tightly closed drawer) lined with felt linen. Anything to keep from scratching!

Update: AKA Add More:

A couple weeks before your wedding, check what is left on your wedding registry online. See what your guest have already bought, what is left and add MORE! Your last minute shoppers will thank you for the bigger variety!

Share the news!

You finally have put together your perfect registry, it is time to tell your friends, but you can’t exactly post online or send the link to everyone can you?! Have your bridal shower host put it on the invitation, slip the news to your best friend and I promise, the word will get out!

Starting your registry may seem daunting, but once you get the ball rolling, it can be fun, exciting and pretty awesome if you ask me! I mean come on, who doesn’t love putting together a list of things they want : )

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