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Emily & Paul

Emily and Paul have one of those loves that you think only happen in the movies… the kind of love you see in RomCom’s, the love that can handle all obstacles, all distance and all that life has to offer. It felt magical on our cold March morning. It felt like we had the entire Fairmount Waterworks to ourselves. It felt like there was no bigger love then the one I was witnessing through my camera.

Having the luxury of speaking to both Paul and Emily before our session had me walking into it with a clear picture of who they were. Dog lovers with huge hearts and a great sense of adventure. The first thing Paul asked me was “Do you photograph dogs?” YES. I was shouting in my head. I absolutely love dogs, which if you knew my family, would totally and completely shock you. Paul and I chatted for a little bit longer and that is when the magic started. The way he talked about Emily made me feel like I already knew the warm, amazing person who she is.

“Our engagement party is going to be in North Carolina, but we wanted our engagement photos to be here in Philadelphia and  our wedding is going to be on top of a mountain in the Midwest.” Emily explained a few weeks later. I was in awe. As I was listening to her describe her wedding scene, I could tell that it was much more than just a destination, but it meant a lot to her and her family. The way she warmly talked about her life,  her dogs and her fiance made me smile throughout our entire phone call.

Fast forward to the engagement session and Paul and Emily were even greater than anticipated. Paul spent the entire session trying to get Emily to laugh. It worked like a charm, she was giggling from start to finish.  They danced to their favorite song, they cuddled in close to stay warm and they played with their two incredible dogs, Cleo and Drover. Did I mention, they didn’t complain once about the cold! With the park to ourselves, the dogs with their cute bandanas on and the love so real in front of me, I was in photography heaven.

The most amazing part was that every time Paul and Emily looked at each other respect, love and happiness charged between them. That is where the magic really came in. That is what made this engagement session so special; their sweet and beautiful admiration for each other.  Emily, Paul, shall your respect for one another, your love for one another and your happiness with one another last for the next 120 years and beyond.




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