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best of weddings 2020


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The moment that Michael walked into the room and saw Yael’s smiling face waiting for him at the other end, my heart skipped a beat. The saxophone was booming, the guests voices were loud and proud as they sang and Michael’s smile was widening as he got closer and closer to Yael. They were finally […]

Corona, Weddings

July 8, 2020

A Joyous Ateres Elka , Baltimore Maryland Wedding: Yael & Michael

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When I hear Kings of Leon, I don’t necessarily think romance, but Joe had something completely different in mind. There he was, in the middle of BB & T Pavilion, with a bunch of friends (including Nichole) celebrating their recent grad school graduation. They were all having a good time, discussing their future, when suddenly, […]

Corona, Engagements

June 24, 2020

A Barnegat Lighthouse, Long Beach Island, NJ Engagement session: Nichole & Joe

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Nothing is ever really the way we planned it to be, but for Molly and Daniel that couldn’t be more true. Corona virus. It has impacted our lives, our communities and our families in ways we could never have expected. It has put a pause on the hustle and bustle of the city and has […]

Corona, Weddings

June 22, 2020

An Elegant Elopement: Molly & Daniel

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“We also need a favor… ” Alexandra said. She paused. I waited. “Will you be the witness for our wedding ceremony?” Alexandra asked me as I sat in my living room FaceTiming her and Anthony.  I couldn’t help but smile. “Yes! Of course I will!” Within minutes of ending our video chat, I was ordained. […]

Corona, Weddings

June 22, 2020

A Wedding Just for Two: Alexandra & Anthony

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I never thought I would appreciate kickboxing this much… I never thought I would be able to tell the difference between a push kick and a snap kick or how to execute the perfect elbow. Honestly, I never really thought I would care. From the first moment I met Robert, I knew that martial arts […]

YP Life

April 23, 2020

A New Found Love of Kickboxing

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Passover… Passover has always meant family, traditions and late nights with tons of wine. It has always been my Dad’s favorite holiday and has slowly but surely became my own. It’s the one holiday, without a doubt, Robert and I make a huge effort to head down to Baltimore so we can celebrate Passover in […]


April 19, 2020

Passover for Two

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” You are my patient zero” the doctor told Robert as the nurse handed us two face masks. ” I was shocked. “You are officially quarantined.” I really thought they were going to just tell him it was allergies. I gave Robert a OMG! Is this really happening look as I slipped on my mask. […]


April 18, 2020

Small Business Need Us: #rescheduledontcancel

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I know right now you might be thinking “Will this ever end? Will my kids ever leave the house? Will I be home-schooling them forever?” Let me just say, it will end! Corona will pass, we will be back to work, your kids will be out of the house and life will go back to […]

YP Announcements

March 30, 2020

No Kid Hungry YPP Mini Session Day Announcement!

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They were standing underneath the Magnolia trees. In the middle of a pandemic, Alex and Rafi stood underneath a beautiful sea of pink as they promised to love one another for the rest of time. With their families watching from their kitchen tables and living room coaches, Alex was holding a floral bouquet she arranged […]


March 29, 2020

A Magical Magnolia Garden, Philadelphia, PA Ceremony: Alex & Rafi

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“Aunt Yael when are you getting married?” My eldest niece asked me for the third time of the weekend “I just can’t wait to be a flower girl!” My nieces are more excited about my future wedding (whenever that may be) than I am. All they want is to wear pretty dresses and throw petals […]

Wedding tips, YP Tip of the Week, Yp wedding tips

March 16, 2020

How to Set your Flower Girl up for Success

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