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Passover… Passover has always meant family, traditions and late nights with tons of wine. It has always been my Dad’s favorite holiday and has slowly but surely became my own. It’s the one holiday, without a doubt, Robert and I make a huge effort to head down to Baltimore so we can celebrate Passover in […]


April 19, 2020

Passover for Two

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” You are my patient zero” the doctor told Robert as the nurse handed us two face masks. ” I was shocked. “You are officially quarantined.” I really thought they were going to just tell him it was allergies. I gave Robert a OMG! Is this really happening look as I slipped on my mask. […]


April 18, 2020

Small Business Need Us: #rescheduledontcancel

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I know right now you might be thinking “Will this ever end? Will my kids ever leave the house? Will I be home-schooling them forever?” Let me just say, it will end! Corona will pass, we will be back to work, your kids will be out of the house and life will go back to […]

YP Announcements

March 30, 2020

No Kid Hungry YPP Mini Session Day Announcement!

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They were standing underneath the Magnolia trees. In the middle of a pandemic, Alex and Rafi stood underneath a beautiful sea of pink as they promised to love one another for the rest of time. With their families watching from their kitchen tables and living room coaches, Alex was holding a floral bouquet she arranged […]


March 29, 2020

A Magical Magnolia Garden, Philadelphia, PA Ceremony: Alex & Rafi

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“Aunt Yael when are you getting married?” My eldest niece asked me for the third time of the weekend “I just can’t wait to be a flower girl!” My nieces are more excited about my future wedding (whenever that may be) than I am. All they want is to wear pretty dresses and throw petals […]

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March 16, 2020

How to Set your Flower Girl up for Success

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I looked around at the crowd of guests standing with their beers and glasses of wines. Everyone was smiling. Grandparents rapped in warm, fuzzy blankets sitting up front with the others cuddled close behind them in their coats. Jordan stood under the arch way in his stylish blue suit. His bright big smile could warm […]


March 6, 2020

An Intimate Leap Day Wedding, Schwenksville, PA : Dillyn & Jordan

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The father of the bride is usually the most underestimated and untapped resource on your wedding planning team. Trust me when I say, your dad wants to help, as much as he can! You are his little girl for crying out loud! Of course he wants to help! What kind of tasks can you give […]

Yp wedding tips

February 17, 2020

Father of the Bride Wedding Planning To-do List

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Let’s be real, weddings are expensive. I know that, you know that and your guests know that! I am here to tell you that not everyone you invite to your wedding needs a plus one. Yup! I said it! Not everyone needs a plus one. Here are the  The Married Ones: Many of your guests […]

Wedding tips

February 7, 2020

Who needs a plus one to your wedding and who doesn’t!??

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Spending your special day with the ones you love is important. I know! I know how much your closest friends mean to you, how much you want everyone to be there standing next to you as you say “I do.” But what happens when your fiance has one or two more friends they want to […]

Yp wedding tips

January 25, 2020

Having an Uneven Wedding Party is 100% OK!

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I forgot. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I forgot. I forgot what it feels like to have my sisters there with me every single day. I forgot what it sounds like to live my life along side them and share anything and everything that comes to mind. I forgot how much I counted […]

YP Life

January 24, 2020

A once in a life time with my sisters…

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