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A Sunrise Baltimore Engagement Session: Cassie & Chris

I remember like it was yesterday… I was standing outside of Cornerstone (the college bar I worked at all through undergrad), in my dirty yoga pants that smelled like beer and my VOUS T-shirt that was still drying from my very busy happy hour which happened to include countless of vodka spills. I was surrounded by a bunch of the girls who were sticking around Collage Park for the summer when someone pointed out a beautiful brunette walking towards us. “I think that’s the girl you are going to be living with next year” she whispered to me. I looked up. Cassie’s eyes were sparkling. Her smile wide and inviting. She sported a high ponytail and looked like she was just about to hit the gym.

“Hi, I’m Cassie! I think we are living together next semester” she waved. I was already in awe of her.

“I’m Yael” I waved back. “I think you are right” Her smile grew. Mine did too. In that moment, I felt a strange sense of calmness and excitement all in one.

Cassie has always had such a big, loving presence. She is one of the most loyal friends I have ever met. Even as just a College senior, she was so honest and so aware of who she truly was. Her confidence and assurance, impressed me daily. Cassie is the sweetest combination of intelligent, fun, hard working and goofy. In other words, she is an incredible human and she deserves the best.

Thank god Chris is the best.

The second Chris opened the car door and smiled at me, I could feel his warmth. It was 5am, the sun wasn’t even in the sky and we were about to spend the next two hours taking photos. Yet, he was still smiling, ready to go and it felt like I had known him for years.

I quickly recognized that Chris is the perfect match for Cassie. His whit, charm and kind nature complements Cassie to the T. It warmed my heart to see the love and respect flow between them with every glance and every touch. Their love is strong, pure and overwhelmingly delightful. As we walked around Canton, chatting about their life together I felt myself getting more and more excited for Cassie, Chris, Kona, their adorable puppy and their future together. With those two together, nothing is going to get in their way.

Cassie, thank you so much for always being such a bright light in my life. Chris, thank you so much for loving my dearest Cassie. I cannot wait to see where life takes you two : )

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