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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 42: How to write a love letter on your wedding day…

It’s your wedding day. You are feeling it all! The excitement, the pure joy, the immense awe that this day is actually here and all you want to do is share it with your one and only. All you want to do is share this moment with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. One of my favorite morning of traditions is the love letter.

Side note: Some couples pre-write their letters and that is totally, 100% awesome too, but I find the letters that are written the day of the wedding are just that much more special and meaningful.

Never written a love letter before and want to do it right! Here are the YPP steps to writing the perfect morning of wedding love letter for the love of your life!


Writers block is totally a thing, specially if you aren’t one to usually write down your feelings. No one will blame you if you want to be prepared! The week before your wedding you will feel a rush of all different emotions, use those feelings! Take the time to think about what you want to say to your bride/groom on your wedding day. Jot down key points you know you will definitely want to include in your wedding letter… A little extra help or push is never a bad thing!

Find a quite place

This is the moment you are expressing your most intimate thoughts to the person who knows you the best. Find a quite place away from all the commotion, a place where you won’t get distracted or overwhelmed by the people around you. Find a few minutes to be alone, collect your thoughts, process the excitement and share it with your favorite person in the world.

BONUS: Many brides and groom write their letters before the craziness of the day begins. Right after they wake up and it hits them, today I am getting married to my best friend!! Your feelings are fresh, your excitement is overwhelming and your love for one another is on fire!


Don’t forget to bring something to write on and something to write with! I know this may seem obvious, but this is the love letter you are writing to your future husband or wife on your wedding day, make sure you have something to write on other than a post-it, napkin or wedding itinerary. (Although, I am sure they will love the words all the same)!

Bring the Cheese-factor

This is your day to be as cheesy as you want to be! Actually, being cheesy and sappy is kinda expected. If it’s not your style, don’t force it, your SO wants it to be genuine and true. If you have all of the feels and want to express every last one, GO FOR IT! If your more of a humorous writer, story teller or even a dream wisher, write that! If you are a combo of all four, do it! Your bride/ groom will absolutely love whatever you write! Just stay true to who you are and the reaction will be priceless!

Seal it with a kiss!

This letter, is intimate, personal and just for the two of you. Make sure you seal it and hand it off to someone you can trust! Have it hand delivered to your bride/ groom. You don’t want it to get misplaced or opened by nosy Aunt Harriet!

This letter, these emotions, this feeling will be something you will cherish for the rest of your life. Every year, on your wedding anniversary, pull out these letters, read them and you will feel the love, the excitement and the pure joy of this day over and over again!

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