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I decided to become a Pescatarian for 30 days…

“I just stopped eating meat” Lisa said holding up a piece of my hair to assess as I sat in front of her in her salon chair. “One day. I just stopped and I never looked back.”

“I’ve been the same way with dairy. Haven’t touched the stuff in years.” I responded. A few minutes later, we were done, my hair was looking way healthier and I was on my way but her comment and her lifestyle stuck with me.

It’s funny how that happens, a short conversation, a few exchanges of words with a complete stranger can make a huge impact. Maybe I’ve been subconsciously contemplating this for awhile, maybe hearing how easy it was and how better she feels was just a small push in the right direction, whatever the reason was, I found myself googling Pescatarian Diets at 2am that night and if I am going to be completely honest, I loved everything I was seeing.

Better for the environment, check, against animal cruelty, check, tons and tons of health benefits, check. Everything I read just furthered my desire to go cold turkey (no pun intended) and start my Pescatarian Diet right away and that my friends, is exactly what I did.

That night, after my late night googling session, I decided to give this Pescatarian lifestyle a real chance. I don’t know if it is a life long change or just a fun, healthy experiment, but I decided to go pescatarian for 30 days. To me, a month seemed like a great place to start, no pressure, no real commitment, but a chance to live a cleaner, healthier and fresher lifestyle.

It’s been seven days. Seven days with just vegetables, fruits and fish. I thought it would be harder. I thought my body would crave the things it is now lacking, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I feel energized. My runs are easier, my sleep is deeper and I wake up feeling fresh and ready to go. Seven days down, twenty three to go, or maybe, just maybe this month will change my lifestyle forever.

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