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Who needs a plus one to your wedding and who doesn’t!??

Let’s be real, weddings are expensive. I know that, you know that and your guests know that! I am here to tell you that not everyone you invite to your wedding needs a plus one. Yup! I said it! Not everyone needs a plus one. Here are the 

The Married Ones:

Many of your guests will actually be, in fact, married themselves. Whether or not you know their spouse or even like their spouse, if your guest is married, they should get the plus one! I mean, put yourself in their shoes, would you want to go to a wedding without your SO?

Those Guests who are in a serious relationship, engaged or live together!

These days, people tend to move in together, sign mortgages and adopt puppies together before they get married, some don’t even get married at all! So, inviting their Significant Other is the right thing to do. It shows them that you respect and acknowledge their commitment to one another. 

Your Wedding Party:

These are you people. The ones who has been through it all with you! Extend a plus one to your entire wedding party. This doesn’t mean every person in your wedding party MUST bring a date. Chances are, your wedding party will know a lot of the other guests, they don’t necessarily need to go out and find a plus one if they aren’t seeing anyone!  So, if they are single and ready to mingle, let them do their thing! Bottom line, let them decide whether or not they want to bring a plus one! They deserve it!

A Special Guest who doesn’t know anyone.

So, you have that one childhood best friend who lives thousands of miles away and only knows you, your fiancé and your parents. Instead of letting them stand alone as everyone else mingles, give them a plus one! This way, they won’t feel awkward, will have someone to sit with at the ceremony and won’t feel alone while everyone else is dancing on the dance floor! 

So now, who doesn’t need a plus one? Great question!

Guests who are casually dating:

For those friends and family members who tend to have a new girlfriend every other month, they don’t need a plus one! Chances are, they will be dating someone different from the time the invitations go out and the day you say “I do”


Now this one is tricky… Coworkers. You see them every day, you talk to them every day, but does that mean you want them all at your wedding and with a plus one? If you decide to invite your coworkers (and you don’t necessarily need to invite all of them, or even any of them), then it’s an all or nothing kinda deal. All of your coworkers get a plus one or none of them do. It’s as simple as that! 

Single Guests who know other guests 

If you haven’t seen your second cousin once removed in ten years and they aren’t in a serious relationship and will already know many of the other guests, they don’t need a plus one! They will be fine socializing with the family and friends they already know!

With all of these use your best judgement! There are always exception of the rules and people who you think deserve a plus one even if they don’t fall into the top three categories (married, in a serious relationship or in your wedding party).

BONUS: Make sure you know the name of your guests plus ones so you can have it written, and written correctly on any and all of the wedding things (example, save the dates, invitations, place cards etc…)

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