Yael Pachino Photography

Kateylnn & Jalen

Where do I even begin with these two…

When Jalen first emailed me, I could tell, even via email, one of the most toneless ways of communication, how much he loves Katelynn. It was evident. It was real. And it was beautiful. The way Jalen described Katelynn, their relationship and his plan to propose made my heart dance, my eyes smile and my creative mind excited. I knew from those emails that witnessing their love for each other would make me one of the happiest photographers out there… and I was right. 

We spent one of the hottest days of the year, thus far, on an Army Base in New Jersey. We walked, we drove, we got lost. We laughed, we danced, we smiled a lot. It felt like I was spending the afternoon with two old friends and it gave me all the feels. Watching a couple love each other in such a natural and full way like Jalen and Katelynn do is truly an amazing experience. Seeing them together, capturing their genuine, unconditional and real love, felt like I was photographing the 8th wonder of the world.

Katelynn, Jalen, your love for each other, your commitment to one another is inspiring. Being a part of your proposal and this exciting time in your lives is an honor. 

Cannot wait to spend your wedding day together as well : )


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