Yael Pachino Photography

Alyse & Rob

Alyse and Robert as individuals are truly amazing. Alyse is vibrant, intelligent, beautiful and incredibly sweet. Robert is kind, funny, handsome and cynically wise. Together they make this wonderful couple that is genuine in every way. Genuine in their words, genuine in their commitment and genuine in their love for each other.

This was not an engagement session, these two crazy kids are already what we single people consider an old married couple. We decided to treat our session as if Robert just popped the question, and let me tell you, the love is still very much alive; it is in the way they smile at each other, the way they look at each other and the way they laugh with each other.

I was honored to capture Alyse and Robert’s love for one another and cannot wait to photograph these two love birds again.

Keep living and loving Alyse and Robert!

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