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Well, I just love weddings. I really do! I love the colors and the carefully selected details. I love the family traditions and the awesome dancing. I love the meaningful stories and the heartfelt sentiments. But what really gets me the most are the little moments; the pure joy of a bride when she sees her reflection in the mirror right after she slipped into her wedding dress, the deep love that shines through when her dad sees her for the first time and the contagious excitement in the grooms smile when he watches as his bride walks down the aisle towards him. I get tingles in my toes and a warmth in my heart that doesn't compare to anything else! 

The Thing I Love about Weddings...

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Client Love Notes

"Yael went above and beyond what you'd normally expect from your wedding photographer. Yael managed our insanely disorganized family with grace and multiple family and friends asked for her information. Our wedding was outside in the rain, just our luck, and she managed to make it magical. She is definitely my photographer of choice for life! Did I forget to mention the photos were incredible?!!!!"

Sophie & YOssi

Client Love Notes

"I got Yael’s name from a friend of a friend. The second we spoke to her she was such a breath of fresh air! She’s so in love with what she does and it shows. She makes you feel so comfortable and like you have been best friends for years! You can really just trust her and on such an important day like your wedding it’s such a relief to have someone you can really count on. She would bend over backwards for you!" 

Lauren & Toni

Client Love Notes

"From the beginning, Yael clearly cared, worked hard and valued us as clients and as people. She made us feel like our wedding was important to her and not just another gig. It was truly amazing working with her. Her style, her personality and her professionalism made it easy and simple and what could be better than that! She laughed with us, listened to us and most importantly provided exactly what we needed."

Sarah & Jason

Client Love Notes

"Yael was fabulous. One of the best vender experiences I have ever had. Her ability to walk us through it all and make both Matt and I feel at ease and in control was amazing. Yael knew exactly what she was doing, was down for all of our crazy ideas and in the end of the day felt more like a friend than a wedding vendor. Matt and I were so happy with the entire experience and the photos were awesome!! Big, BIG thumbs up!!"

Jessica & Matt

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