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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 50: Unplugged Weddings

Weddings are intimate, personal and meaningful. Some couples just simply want to have an unplugged wedding. Hey, I get it. You want your guests to be in the moment, you want your guests to really feel the love and see the magic without looking through their phone screens! But a “no phone rule” is hard to enforce, especially when you want everyone to enjoy your big day! Here are YPPs best practices to getting the unplugged ceremony you have always wanted!

Decide on How Unplugged

One of the major questions I get from my clients is “how unplugged does my wedding have to be?” Well, it is completely up to you! If you want the entire wedding, from before the ceremony and all the way until the final dance to be unplugged that’s great! If you don’t care what happens after the ceremony that’s awesome too! It is seriously up to you! You can have your wedding as unplugged or as plugged in as you want!

Let Guests Know in Advance

Although I wouldn’t suggest announcing your unplugged desires on the formal invitation itself, there are still ways to let your guests no in advance! For example, on the wedding website, an insert that goes in the wedding invitation envelope, your wedding ceremony printed programs, a sign… the list can go on!

Signs and Reminders

I love friendly reminders, especially when they are written in beautiful calligraphy! One of my favorite unplugged announcement methods is the classic sign. It’s a gentle, yet not so subtle way to ask your guests to put the phones away and be in the moment. They are there for a reason, and guess what, I (the photographer) am there for a reason too! I got it covered, I promise!

Make an Announcement!

Have your officiant or Best Man make an announcement! It’s as simple as that! Most guests will have absolutely no problem putting their phones away if they are told that it’s what the bride and groom want. Remember, these are your people! Your family, closes friends and the community who have watched you grow up over the years. They want you happy and if they knew you wished to have an unplugged ceremony, that will be enough of a reason to put their phone off and away.

Don’t forget it, it’s your wedding, your dream, you get to have an unplugged wedding if that’s what you want!

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