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How YPP Began part III

Photo Credit: Rachel Abramowitz

“Call me when you get there” Robert, my boyfriend of exactly 58 days, said as he closed the trunk of my 2010 KIA SOUL. We walked hand in hand to the front of the car.

I nodded. I couldn’t get myself to say anything. This past summer has been a whirlwind. Between leaving my cushy job, moving away from the state I had called home for 22 years and meeting the best human a girl could ask for; I was overwhelmed by the thirty different emotions I was feeling all at once.

I was taking a leap of faith into the unknown, which, if you knew me, wasn’t something I often did. I like to be in control. I like to understand, process and execute. But this time, there was no processing. This time there was definitely no real understanding. And this time, there was only executing. I went with my gut and my gut was now completely terrified.

“We are going to be ok. I know it” Robert said as he pulled me into a big hug. He brushed the hair away from my face. All I could do was nod again. I was on my way to Western Massachusetts for ten months and as I stood there in Philadelphia, staring into Robert’s deep, gorgeous blue eyes, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember why I was going. Robert let go and turned to open the car door.  I should stay I thought.

He gave me a big smile, nudged me to the front seat “let’s go, you need to hit the road and start your adventure already” he said with his award winning smile.

He was right. Robert is always right (don’t tell him I said that).

I had to go. I had this incredible opportunity and I wouldn’t let it go to waste. Hallmark Institute of Photography was waiting for me and I wouldn’t let my fears and insecurities get in the way. I promised myself I would get everything I could out of this experience. I promised myself I would give this a real shot. I promised  myself I was going to live photography, breath photography and do nothing but think about photography…and maybe the gorgeous, blue-eyed, law student who was waiting for me back in Philadelphia.

I was giving myself ten months. Ten months to go outside my comfort zone, move to New England and see if I got what it takes. Ten months to fall even more deeply in love with the art of Photography. Ten months to figure out how the heck to start a business and if I could make this entrepreneurial thing work. In the grand scheme of things, ten months was nothing and I owed it to myself and to my soul to go up there, to freezing cold Massachusetts and give this photography thing one hundred and fifty percent.

So with tears falling down my face and with my Google Maps calmly telling me to make a left onto Girard in 200 feet. I gave Robert one last hug and slowly, climbed in to the car.

“Ok. I am ready”  I said turning on the car and starting the ignition.

“It’s only ten months. We got this!” Robert said.

“We got this” I repeated.  He closed the door and stood back. I put the car in drive.  Looked out my window at Robert. He waved. I pulled out of his drive way. Robert was still standing there. I looked back one last time before turning onto Girard. He was still standing there…and with that I was on my way.

To be continued…

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