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A Hilton Philadelphia, City Ave Wedding: Rebecca & Ben

“I don’t have shoes on and it’s freezing outside” one of the Rebecca’s Bridesmaid said as we walked over to the first-look.

“Do you want to go get some shoes?” I asked, concerned about her bare-feet…

“No!” she said, “I want to see this! I need to see this!”

And with that, the girl gang escorted Rebecca down the street to her first look. No complaining, not even a second thought. They just wanted to witness their beautiful bride see her handsome groom for the first time.

And that was just the way it was… all day : )

It was obvious from the minute I met Becca and Ben that they are deeply loved by everyone around them. Their wedding day was one for the books.  It was an incredible day to witness. The energy, love and excitement that was present in every moment of their wedding day at the Hilton, Philadelphia City Ave hotel made my heart smile on every level. The way the Wedding Party anticipated Becca and Ben’s every need assured me that they have one incredible chevra (group of friends).

Becca and Ben are the sweetest thing you can imagine and they fit together like milk and cookies. They just were meant to walk through life together hand in hand.  The way Becca and Ben smile at each other and the way they whisper back and forth to each other, makes me feel like they are in on this amazing secret, but it is only for the two of them.

Ben’s smile as he waited for Becca to tap him on the shoulder made my eyes water. The tears started falling down my face as soon as he turned around and saw his sweet, strong and stunning Becca. With the Wedding Party in the background cheering them on and the sun peaking through the clouds, it was the perfect moment.

Becca and Ben, you are two amazing individuals, your smiles light up the room, your laughter brings joy to everyone and your hearts are so full of love and kindness, you touch everyone around you. I wish for you to keep whispering to each other for the next 120 years! Your love is beautiful, don’t ever forget it!



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