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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 46: Late Night Wedding Snacks!

Imagine, it’s 11pm. Your wedding band has been killing it all night. The dance floor has been packed for hours. The drinks have been flowing. The photographer has been racing around the dance floor getting all of the best dance moves. Finally, you hear the band transition into a slow song, You see your guests take a breath, refill their drinks, now all they need is a snack.

Yes, I said snack.

One of my favorite wedding trends are the late night snacks! I mean what human doesn’t like a snack?! It is the perfect way for the bride and groom to showcase their personality even more and give your guests a little something to cure those late night drunk munchies!

Here are YPPs top ten favorite Wedding Night Snacks!

Ice Cream Truck:

A classic on any hot summer day!

Cereal Bar

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of captain crunch or frosted flakes after a long night of dancing?! I don’t know about all of you, but cereal takes me back to some of my favorite nights in undergrad : )

Grilled Cheese bites and Tomato Soup Shots

Because sometimes you just need something cheesy and sweet all in one

Donut Wall

This is not only delicious but can add something special to your dessert decor! This is great for the couple who have a big donut difference of opinions! Can you say the classic Federal Donut or Beiler donuts debate anyone?!


I am always in awe of the wedding venues that have a bonfire going with a nice s’more station set up right next to it! Not only delicious, but fun too!

Soft Pretzels

Philly Pretzel Factory is a staple at any Philadelphia gathering, weddings are no exception! Give the people what they want!!

Taco Station

Do I need to say more?!

Popcorn Stand!

Easy, fast and you don’t feel any kind of way after you eat enough popcorn to satisfy those drunk munchies!


Refreshing and tasty! The perfect snack to cool down after hours of dancing!

Mason Jarred Dessert with Fruit

Cheesecake jar, yogurt parfait Jar, Chocolate pudding jar, etc… Put any dessert in a jar with fresh fruit and it looks decadent and tastes delicious! What could go wrong!?

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