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Yael’s Tip of the Week Vol. 52: 7 things you need to do after your wedding

Your wedding was magical. You’ve never felt so much love or joy in your entire life. You are overwhelmed with bliss! You are finally married to your best friend and ready to get out of planning mode and into every day life mode! But wait one second… Do you feel like you forgot something??! What do you still have to do before you can officially say goodbye to the wedding to-do list??!

Before you walk off, hand in hand, into the sunset, make sure you have officially completed your wedding to-do list!

Thank You Notes

Your family and friends were a huge part of your big day, from helping you plan, to being there to celebrate with you all the way down to providing you with your favorite new kitchen appliances, writing a short, yet sweet thank you note will go a long way! Spend an evening getting them done or plan on writing 15 a night every night until you’ve written them all!

Return Un-used Wedding Day Items

The cute paper straws you forgot to bring to the venue, the three different centerpieces you bought before settling on the beautiful flower arrangement for each table or even the bag of bubbles that were never handed out before your grand exit. Let’s just say, you probably have tons of wedding decor and props you never ended up using, don’t keep it! Return it! Get your money back! It’s a great way to start your marriage off with a little extra cash in the bank!

Review Venders

You loved your venders. You loved the energy they brought to your big day, your grateful for all the advice they gave you through out the wedding planning and are so thankful for all the time they put into each and every detail of your wedding day. You couldn’t have imagined having a different event planner or photographer with you on the best day of your lives. Make sure they know it! Write a review, ask your vender where you should post your review and tell the world about your wedding experience. Your venders will be forever grateful!

Have your Wedding Dress Cleaned or Preserved

Get it cleaned! No matter what you plan on doing with your dress after you say “I do,” get that baby cleaned! You and your dress deserves it!!! After all the time, love and energy you put into choosing out the dress of your dreams, don’t just put it in the closet and forget about it! Maintain it! Love it! And maybe, just maybe, your baby girl one day will want to wear it too!

Wedding Album

I mean let’s be honest, I may be slightly biased but this is a definite must! I mean it is your wedding photos for crying out loud! All the precious moments, lovely details and beautiful portraits are too special to not print them! I know, it sounds daunting, how do you choose!??? Ask your photographer for help! I absolutely love helping my clients design their dream album!

Return Unwanted Wedding Gifts before its too late!

No matter how much time and thought you put into your wedding registry, you will get duplicate gifts or even off-registered gifts! Don’t feel pressured to keep them! Your gift-giver wants you to be happy and want their gift to be desirable! Return those unwanted gifts, get cash back or even something else you really, really want!

Legally Change your Name

If you are planning on taking your SO’s name that is! Updating your online profiles is the easy part! You’d be surprised how many different steps there are you need to take to legally change your name! Trust me when I say you are going to want to start the process as quickly as possible!

So, even though your big day are now beautiful memories and you are ready to be an old married couple, you will feel a lot better once you get these things done! Cheers to no more wedding to-do lists!!

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