Yael Pachino Photography

Shifra & Yaakov


The moment I heard Shifra’s laugh on the phone, a mix of comfort and happiness fell over me. Shifra is relatable, witty, smart, easy to talk to and hands down one of the coolest women I have ever met. Even over the phone, Shifra’s presence and personality shined through. The way she described her relationship with her husband, her family and her life, it was obvious that she was the kind of person that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. Within five seconds of meeting Yaakov, I completely understood why they worked so well together. Yaakov was just as sweet, funny and easy going as Shifra. Together, they make one hell of a team and it was truly an honor getting to photograph them as a couple.

The best way to describe our photo session at Gantry Plaza in the City is playful. Shifra and Yaakov are down right goofy. They show their love through making each other laugh, being silly and having a great time no matter what the situation is. It is evident that Shifra and Yaakov are ready to walk through life, hand in hand, enjoying every minute to the fullest. Together, they will be able to face any challenge and every obstacle that life hands them.

Shifra, Yaakov, your marriage is inspiring, your friendship to each other is beautiful and your love is one of a kind. Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful love story.


Cannot wait to continue watching you grow as people, as a couple and as a family : )


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