Yael Pachino Photography

nicole & adam

“I’ve been giving her toy rings for the last 10 days” Adam said with a smirk. All I could do is laugh, I could not even imagine what I would do if my boyfriend gave me toy rings when I was ready for the real one. Adam had it all figured out, he was going to mess around with Nicole all the way up until New Years Eve morning. Then, as they walk casually to dinner through Rittenhouse Square, Adam would get down on one knee and ask Nicole to spend the rest of her life with him. His plan was thoughtful, unique and fun. Let me tell you guys, nothing beat the look on Nicole’s face when she finally got her diamond ring. Complete and total joy.

Adam and I met up the day before, we planned it all out. Where I was going to stand, where he was going to propose, which way Nicole was going to be facing and where Robert, my second shooter for the day, was going to be standing. We even spent our time, watching as the sunset and the lights turned on, picking the perfect time for Adam to propose.

Adam and Nicole are what I consider one amazing couple. You could tell from just looking at them that their house is never boring, they are always laughing, messing around and having a great time. You could feel the love, happiness and respect is between them from a mile away.

Witnessing their proposal warmed my heart on so many levels. Adam and Nicole’s excitement made me giddy for the rest of the day.  Once we took a few engagement photos, we all went to grab a cup of coffee from La Colombe. Nicole pulled me aside and showed me a toy ring she bought Adam. Those two are meant to be.


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