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I may be one in a million…

Can I tell you something?

I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I just couldn’t get into it when it first aired. Maybe it’s because it came out when I was living in Israel before Netflix and Video Prime were a real thing. Maybe it’s because I have a hard time paying attention to anything (besides photography and my nieces and nephews, of course) for more than like ten minutes at a time. Or maybe it’s because I am fiercely loyal to the fanciful Harry Potter World and have no room in my heart for any other magical universe (which might actually make me a Hufflepuff).

Who really knows what the real reason is but what I do know is that Robert refuses to watch Game of Thrones with me. I don’t even begin to understand any of the references or MEMEs and I have received a ton of blank stares when I admit to others that “I actually don’t watch GOT.” I think I’ve turned on the first episode twenty times and have pretended to pay attention to at least a dozen other ones, but nothing sticks and you know what, I am totally ok with it.

According to The Times, Game of the Thrones is literally the most popular show in the world, EVER. I mean ever, and I am completely sure I couldn’t tell you the first thing about any of the characters.

Robert sometimes jokes around about how I am in a photography bubble and this might be his proof!

It’s like I am in my own little club. When all of my friends are watching Game of Thrones on Sunday night, I get an extra hour or two to read, listen to my podcasts or get some really great editing done. When everyone else talks about the latest episode the next day, I smile, nod and day dream about what productive thing I want to get done this week! I usually hate being clueless, but when it comes to this, I am totally ok with it.

I know it is supposed to be an amazing series. I know that the graphics are incredible and the storyline is on a whole other level. Yet, I am still one hundred percent fine with being in the dark with this one. Maybe that’s my true Hufflepuff colors showing, or maybe I am just the one of the few people in 170 countries who would rather work than watch Game of Thrones.

One thing is for sure, in a couple weeks when the series officially ends, I still will have no input. I still will smile and nod and I still will be very cool with it.

For all those lovely people out there who love their Game of Thrones, I hope the last two episodes are even better and unexpected as you want them to be. I apologize for not understanding the pain or excitement you feel, but this Sunday, I am super thrilled to finish editing my latest engagement session!

Happy watching my friends!

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