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Yael’s Tip of the Week Vol. 39: Four Tips for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Wedding Photos

You love your bridesmaid and groomsmen. I mean there is a reason why you chose these humans to stand up there next to you during one of the most important moments of your life! You want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to feel their best, look their best and have the best time celebrating your big day! YPP does too! And that is why, I am excited to share with you YPPs quick and easy tips to help keep your bridesmaid and groomsmen portraits looking everyones best! Keeping it classy and awesome, just like what you all deserve!


Hair Ties

If you are anything like yours truly, you have three hair ties on your wrist at all time! There is nothing that bothers me more than not having a hair tie when this Jewfro gets in the way, but trust me on this one. Take the hair ties off. Make sure your bridesmaids leave them in the getting room or put them in their clutch, it makes your bridesmaid portraits look that much more put together and elegant!

Sleeveless Dresses

Most bridesmaid dresses are sleeveless, it’s a fact. As a woman, who does everything she can possibly do to tone my arms, I am still extremely self conscious of showing them off and I don’t think I am alone in this! Whenever I do wear sleeveless (probably once a year), I have the tendency of squeezing my arms to my body, as a way to make them smaller. I find other women do the same thing. But here’s the thing, in photos, the way to make your arms look your best is to put at least a little bit of space between your arms and your body. Think about it like this… if your arm is pressed to your body, you’re essentially flattening your arm against your body and it will look wider. If you put even just a little space between your arms and your body, gravity takes it’s role and creates a more toned look! So bridesmaid, when your photographer says “bend those elbows,” you know they are looking out for you!

For the men…


Your groomsmen are going to look sharp as anything in those suits. I know it. You know it. They know it. As a society, we are all VERY attached to our phones. I am no exception! But, to make your groomsmen look even sharper in those suits, have them leave the phones in the room, on the trolly or even just literally behind the photographer. It is truly amazing how much you can see the outline of a phone in a pants suit and your boys deserve to look as GQ as possible!

Keeping Hands Consistent!

Groomsmen are one of my favorite groups to photograph. I love seeing the camaraderie and bromances between the groom and groomsmen. The energy is incredible, the humor is fun and the love is a live! There is nothing thats screams friendship more, but as I remind all of my groomsmen, hands need to be consistent! If one persons hands are in their pocket, all hands go in the pocket. If one person has his left hand over the right, everyone has their left hand over their right. It gives the photo a little extra something that screams “If I was in a boy band, these would be be my band members” and honestly, what is better than that!?

BONUS: Keep the suit buttons consistent too! If the groom has his suit unbuttoned, everyone should have their suit unbuttoned!

These four quick and easy tips might sound like minute details, but they make such a difference when it comes to your bridesmaid and groomsmen portraits! So remember, hair ties off, phones down, arms out and hands consistent!!

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