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A Loving Valley Mansion, Maryland Wedding: Marla & Adam

There was a sparkle in Marla’s eye as she opened the envelope. The guests were arriving in just a few minutes, she was tucked away upstairs while Adam, her groom, was downstairs looking dashing in his white bowtie and matching suspenders. As she unfolded Adam’s letter, you could see her shoulders relax and a calmness spread all over her body. In that moment, it was crystal clear, Adam is her rock, her best friend. The one person she wants by her side through it all. The one person who will always feel like home. As she read, her smile faded into laughter and her laughter faded back into a smile. Marla was absolutely loving it. She soaked up every last word, grinned and looked up. It was time. It was time to go downstairs and marry her best friend.

Watching Marla and Adam together is nothing short of a luxury. Every time their eyes meet, they smile. Every time Marla hears Adam’s voice, she lights up. Every time Adam talks about Marla, he gets a twinkle in his eye that makes the world feel a little bit brighter. They share a love that is so beautiful and so pure that outsiders looking in can feel it’s warmth.

As Marla walked down the aisle to her Adam, every single guest was smiling back at her, but she didn’t even notice. The only person she saw was Adam. Although there were hundreds of people there, the Chuppah (ceremony) felt intimate and personal. Marla and Adam wouldn’t have it any other way. It is who they are; personable, happy, loving, loyal and kind to the core.

Marla, Adam, there are not enough words in the world to express how honored I was to be your wedding photographer. May your life together be filled with joy, happiness and tons and tons of grinning. I cannot wait to see where life takes you two. Mazel Tov in every way!

Venders: Dress: Betsy Robinson | Florist: Arnson Wedding Decor & Flowers | Venue: Valley Mansion | Band : Soulfarm | Caterer and wedding coordinator: Catering by Yaffa @catering_by_yaffa | Videographer: Reches Creations

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