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A Fairfax, Virginia Rainy Day Puppy Engagement: Brittany & Will

“Kipper is shivering! Let’s finish these photos inside!” Brittany said. We all looked at Kipper in his adorable, yellow raincoat shaking from the cold. “That’s a good idea!” I said worried about their sweet, little dog. As we walked back toward Brittany and Will’s Fairfax, Virginia apartment in the rain, I smiled. Brittany and Will only adopted Kipper a few months prior to our session and they were already so in tune and such good care-takers. They had all the Kipper essentials and than some. It was clear, that they put Kipper first and were happy doing so.

Once we got into their homey, warm apartment, Brittany took Kipper’s raincoat off and they all began to play. All three of them looked so happy and content just hanging out together, throwing and catching a stuffed bunny. It made me think,  this is what it is all about. Togetherness, happiness, love. And love there was! In every detail of their apartment, in every word spoken and in every joke made, you could see that their life was full of love and admiration for each other…. and of course Kipper too.

Brittany and Will have been together since before Instagram was a thing and I absolutely admire their commitment and connection to one another. It is evident that they are best friends, partners and each others biggest support systems. Brittany and Will’s personalities complement each other. From High School to College, all the way to moving to Fairfax, Virginia together, they have been a united front that can take on anything and everything.

These two are such a unique couple, and their puppy engagement session was no different! Once we realized that Kipper was not a happier camper outside, we moved our engagement session inside. It was no longer just an engagement session but a session about the home they built, the puppy they adopted and the life that they had created.

Brittany and Will, you have found it. The happiness, the love and the excitement for your future that everyone searches for and I hope your happiness and love grows until the end of time! I cannot wait to photograph your wedding! July is too far away!!


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