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A Classy Talamore Country Club Wedding: Brittany & Will

“Do you want to hold the back of my dress as I go see Will?” Brittany asked Sadie, her flower girl. Sadie’s smile grew as she nodded. All three of us walked out onto the balcony and down the ramp to the beautiful bridge right outside of the Talamore Country Club. There he was. Brittany’s groom. Looking sharp in his white bowtie and light grey suite. Will was facing away from us but I could tell from his posture that he couldn’t wait to see his bride. As Brittany walked towards Will smiling, Sadie followed closely behind doing everything she could to make sure that Brittany’s dress didn’t touch the ground. Finally, Brittany and Sadie were right behind Will. Brittany lightly tapped her manicured finger on Will’s shoulder. He turned around. Saw his beautiful bride and adorable flower girl. His eyes widened and his hands immediately covered his mouth in complete awe. A tear fell down his cheek. 

It was the perfect moment. 

This is just who Brittany and Will are; big smiles, huge hearts and forever thinking of their friends and family. They are two of the most considerate people I have ever met and it was evident in every detail of their wedding day. From making the afternoon fun for the little humans, all the way to the beautiful roses that decorated the entire venue and right down to the ten year anniversary cake they had speciality ordered for two of Brittany’s cousins.They thought of it all. Brittany and Will are truly mindful, incredibly sweet and insanely generous to the core. I couldn’t be more inspired by the two of them.

Brittany and Will tied the knot under the family Chuppah in the beautiful Talamore Country Club Ballroom. With the officiant being one of Brittany’s cousin, their ceremony was full of laughter, tradition, connection and so much love. It was stunning in every way. As Will dipped his beautiful bride for their first kiss, the entire audience clapped and cheered. It was yet another perfect moment. 

Brittany and Will, I know your love can do it all. Your hearts are big and beautiful.. Your souls are kind and loving. And your relationship is unique and energizing. My wish for you, is that you continue creating a beautiful life together full of happiness, generosity, friends, family and hundreds and hundreds of more dip kisses and choreographed dances.

Venders: Venue: Talamore Country Club | DJ: East Coast Event Group | Videographer: East Coast Event Group |Cake: Ann’s Cake Pan |Caterer: Talamore Country Club |Bridesmaids Dress: David’s Bridal |Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse |Invitations: Kathleen Blass |Florist: Plaza Florists – Plaza Florists |Bridal Dress: Country Bride and Gent |Hair and Make up Artist: Daneene Jensen and Associates

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