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Yael’s Tip of the Week vol. 49: Transportation

You cannot wait for the special moments, the dancing and all the love, but first you need to actually get to your wedding. Transportation. It’s not always glamorous but always necessary and the thought of traffic has never seen so daunting!

Here are YPP’s top Wedding Day Transportation tips to help you get to your wedding without a glitch!

Book Early!

You’d be surprised to hear how many cars are rented out each month! You wouldn’t want the transportation of your dreams to be all booked up due to proms, graduations or even Mitzvahs! The YPP tip of thumb is to book your favorite mode of wedding transportation between 9 months and 6 months out!

More than Just Limousines!

If you aren’t a limousine kinda couple, that it totally ok! You’d be amazed with how many different kinds of transportation options there are out there. Antique cars, vintage trucks, tandem bicycles, vespas, golf cart, gondola, taxi and horse and carriage are a few other options!

Book in Person

I don’t know about you, but whenever I rent a car online, I’m usually not 100% percent happy! Do your research! Talk to them on the phone. Make sure you actually see your mode of transportation in person and meet the driver before the big day! This way you can avoid as many surprises as possible!

Give Yourself Extra Time

Traffic is one of my least favorite things, especially on a wedding day! Being late to your own wedding because of traffic might make your day way more stressful than it needs to be! That’s why, I suggest giving yourself an extra 20 to 30 minutes, just in case of traffic or any other transportation issues! Being early is never a bad thing! Actually, if you are asking me, being early is preferred!

Specific is Terrific!

It’s your wedding day, you want everything to be exactly so! From the champagne and beer brands stocked in your party bus all way down to the music that you and your wedding party want to dance to on the way to the reception hall! Make sure you write down what you want and send it to your car company at least a month before your wedding!

Ask about Decorations!

Be sure to ask about decorations! If your dream is to drive off into the sunset in a beautiful, all decked-out vintage car, make sure you can actually decorate it!

Now go on, pick out the wedding transportation of your dreams, do the research, make the playlists and schedule extra time for pick up and drop offs! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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