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Brittany & Greg

I was sitting at a family brunch on New Year’s Eve when I received a text from Brittany asking about a photography session for their save the dates. It was a text I was hoping to get. Since I started dating Robert, I have heard so much about this driven, easy to talk to, incredible woman, Brittany and this vibrant, sweet and totally charming man, Greg. Now, not only do I get to meet them, but I also get to photograph them! Nothing could make me happier. As I answered Brittany’s text, I couldn’t help the butterflies; I was as giddy and as excited as a school girl.

A week later, as the snow was covering the ground, I found myself sipping my favorite tea at La Colombe and chatting with the lovely Brittany. We ended up sitting there for hours talking about everything and anything. From wedding plans to Law School. From us both having a horrible sense of direction to hearing all about Greg’s big proposal. And from Philly styled pretzels to favorite cafe orders. We just clicked and I left our meeting feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Brittany, Greg and I decided on an engagement session at the end of January. I was mentally preparing myself to be freezing, all three of us were.  Luckily, with our crazy East Coast weather, our winter session ended up being 55 degrees. I was in awe. It was meant to be! I grabbed my gear and my light jacket and headed to Center City towards their apartment. The city was bustling and vibrant. There were people everywhere and I just couldn’t wait to start clicking that shutter.

From the moment Greg opened the door a feeling of warmth and familiarity rushed over me. I’ve met Greg in passing before, but this was my chance to really get to meet him. Just like Brittany, he was even better and even more personable than expected. I felt like the luckiest photographer in the world. I got to spend a beautifully warm January day with two new friends doing what I love the most; capturing love. And let me tell you, there was plenty of love to capture. Those two could not stop giggling from the moment we left the apartment to the moment I showed them their photos. It was a sight to see and I loved every second of it. Brittany and Greg have this incredible energy, independently and together. It was an honor and a joy walking around Center City, creating photos together, eating Philly Styled Pretzels and getting to know two wonderful people who I wish nothing but the best to.

Brittany, Greg I hope you have the happiest ever after and I can’t wait to spend many more afternoons laughing and chatting with the two of you.     

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